How We Do It

SET designs programming, informed by the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, to bring about healing through a process known as trauma-informed care. Our philosophy combines scientific research with compassion.

SET works with people from the perspective of  “What happened to you?” rather than “What’s wrong with you?” We look for the underlying root cause of symptoms, so that healing and skill building may occur. We acknowledge that many of the people we work with are suffering from the lingering pain from the trauma of ACEs. 

Healing Happens Together

We know that healing happens best when it happens together. Within the context of the family, we provide an opportunity for intergenerational healing and learning. We work with parents to overcome the effects of their childhood adversity to develop the skills they need to establish family stability and provide support for their children. Working with both the parent and the child, the cycle of harm is interrupted and children build resiliency rather than experience trauma.

Small groups are the building blocks to transformation. Inspired by thought-leaders John McKnight and Peter Block, SET combines our method of trauma-informed care with a special small-group process. Within the context of the community, our healing work is done in peer-to-peer group programming for children, for parents and for older adults. Facilitated by a professional trained in group dynamics and behavioral health, these programs are specifically designed for each group to offset the adversity or trauma someone may have experienced in their lifetime.           

SET’s Special Small-Group Process
  • Weekly sessions
  • Consistent, safe environment
  • Group activity and discussion that brings members together to learn from each other
  • Members develop life skills in emotional regulation, impulse control, conflict resolution, problem solving, decision making, and communication
  • Creates opportunities to develop a sense of belonging by receiving acceptance and support from peers

Our healing practice leads people to discover their own capabilities, so they can progress down the path to increased self-sufficiency and redefine what life can be.

  • We work with children in an environment of healthy group functioning where skills for emotional regulation can be learned and practiced.
  • SET works with parents in their homes to guide them to establish and fulfill their own goals to increase resiliency in children and promote family stability. 
  • SET supports grandparents to age in place and remain an active part of their family’s social life, providing a source of stability to children and grandchildren.
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