Rick and SET's Cherry Street Garden Club

Rick shares his Garden Club experience at the annual SETforth event.

Listen to Ricks Testimonial Here


"This is my neighborhood in the Third Ward.  From my vantage point, life in Milwaukee is pretty good."

"This is a SET neighborhood.  Here in the central city, good weather often means an increase in gun violence.  Here, abandoned houses and vacant lots abound, and kids have nowhere to play.  Here, people live in a food desert, without access to affordable, healthy food. "

"We’re providing a forum for healing and a tool for rebuilding a neighborhood. As club members we learn to solve problems together, make decisions and communicate more effectively. As club members, we learn to respect each other and learn to take responsibility for our future."


"It’s a place where seeds of distrust are strangled by thriving collards, okra, turnips and tomatoes.  It’s a place where neighbors get to know each other.  It’s a place where kids come to learn.   It’s a place I take pride in knowing we’re helping create a better future for Milwaukee."
Miss Day and Miss Hill
Stephanie and Steven
The SET's Cherry Street Garden Club

"I wish I could be so profound.  What a clever metaphor about hitting rock bottom and the rejuvenation inspired through the healing powers of SET programs."


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