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Originally posted on January 9, 2020 @ 5:31 am

alphanation ground fighter program

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Be prepared to face any crisis or worst scenario in your life because it may happen at any time. If you are men or women or teenagers or kids; What makes you feel worried when you go alone in darkest places without any support? How will you be protective; when you come by overnight after completing your job, or homemakers or senior people in the house living alone? Do not panic. Here a retired SWAT Team Leader and CEO of Alpha Nation, Todd Lamb has introduced an excellent program “Ground Fighters” to learn how to encounter real-life violence by understanding all the strategies. It revealed the truth of using simple “Ground Fighter Techniques” to protect yourself and dependents from any dangerous situations.

What Do You Know About “Ground Fighter”?

Todd Lamb’s “Ground Fighter” is the best self-defensive program which is trying to help all the people around the world. It will support to shock the attackers by ending the fight in under 9 seconds and have 93% of the opportunity to touch the ground. It is easy to learn quickly as well as apply it even in severe stress to stop messing up. It guarantees users to know exactly how the ground fighting skills to become more confident in handling any crisis. It is not about studying martial arts for many years, but you have to learn the effective ground fighting techniques and simple, devastating skills to mastering yourself quickly, and age or level of your experience it doesn’t matter.

Luckily; Todd created this self-defensive guide for helping valuable users with ground fighting techniques. The given methods are entirely different and easy to understand all the technical strategies to make it work every single time. It doesn’t matter how big or strong opponents that you are defeating bravely.

alphanation ground fighter system

How Does It Work For Everyone To Protect Their Life?

Ground Fighter system will work effectively; because it is not based on your strength; it just shows you to use the leverage and momentum to defeat the opponent. This system works even better for the people who are small and powerless. Because they can understand the techniques and they fight confidently.

Ground Fighter System is the trademarked protocol because it uses highly specific skills and unique strategies which are working for everyone to protect from any situation. Using these devastating skills, you can ground against a violent attacker confidently. It is honestly protecting our lives by learning all the Ground Fighting techniques and abilities to fight against intruders or actual opponents easily.

While using these techniques, you will feel that everything will be under control and it packed in easy to learn master videos for turning the tide in your favor and be prepared to win. Just simply watch all the movement and make use of it on your own to feel the principles and movements to experience a better result. You have to review each skill per day or a week by spending a few minutes which can help you to maintain the skills permanently.

What Will You Discover From This “Ground Fighter” System?

  • It shows the list of a proper strategy for ground transition instead of escaping from life with the wrong behavior. So, you kick in your face and never go back home.
  • Here you can learn how to use a natural lever as a secret countermeasure against the power of your attacker. So you can use this instantly to reverse the momentum of your benevolent attack.
  • You can understand the steps on how The “Door Opener” Counter Attack, can trap your attacker, who will walk immediately but will not escape.
  • The Dumbest Move will work at any time.
  • Equal Height Equal Fight shows the simple tactic that advantageously manages distances on the ground and allows the opponent to make a major mistake.
  • A simple move to neutralize and present gifts Wrap an attacker against the authorities when you finally arrive at the scene.
  • Take control immediately by using the necessary changes in your body position to remove the attacker’s armour immediately.
  • Check Counter And Attack, which turns your attacker’s blow to the advantage you need to complete the encounter.
  • Learn how to avoid bigger opponents and stop put you on before they make a malicious blow to you.
  • When an attacker attempts to incapacitate him, sure he must know the attacks and techniques.
  • Know the techniques to create the avenues of escape, when your dirty joints were broken.
  • And much more!

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  • Ground Fighter Quick Reference Guide
  • Ground Fighter Quickness & Agility Drills
  • Bar Fight Domination Manual
  • Command Presence Manual
  • FREE Alpha Nation Online Coaching


  • Ground Fighter is the best system to inbuild your strength, skill, health and wealth to lead your life with perfect protection.
  • The given methods are well-tested in the trenches and suitable for any sticky situations.
  • It is simple to understand all the steps to master yourself and realize the benefits of using most basic principles.
  • Use the simplified approach and techniques to ground fighting for having a high success rate.
  • This program comes with the money back guarantee option to secure your investment.
  • It shows the way to understand the simple strategies and skills that work all the time to defeat the strange opponent or attacker.


  • No offline availability.
  • If you left any steps or any instruction from the guidelines, you would stick with some other issues.

alphanation ground fighter program


Listen carefully and keep watching the movements which are highlighted in this program because it will work amazingly at any time to secure yourself or dependents from any worst scenario. It is the right time to use these devastating skills in a friendly manner, and you can keep practising in any environment. Just spend a few minutes per day to learn the self-defensive skills for having a safe journey. Be bold on mastering yourself on learning all the techniques and strategies. Just step forward to beat the fear. Don’t miss this opportunity. Grab it before the offer ends.

alphanation ground fighter reviews

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