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A majority of us would have faced the following question at one point in time or another in our lives: How to build wealth passively?

However, you will be surprised to know that there are multiple streams for generating passive income. This is the current opinion of a majority of the millionaires across the globe. Around nearly 65% of the millionaires have a minimum of 3 income streams and around one-third of the millionaires across the globe have around 4 to 5 different income streams.

If you are still stuck with your day job and are quite serious about reaching a state of financial freedom, then it is your time to ditch your old habits and concentrate on assets that produce income. One such great asset to invest in are the precious metals Gold & Silver. But you already knew that.

However, what you don’t know is how you can turn $50,000 of investment in Gold & Silver into a Cash-Flow amounting anywhere between $6,000 – $13,200 per year!

And we’re talking regular passive income here! This means you can do this WITHOUT QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB or primary career and instead rely on a proven and secure strategy to generate wealth passively. The answer is a profound Investment Strategy training program known as Cash Flow Gold/Silver, which was formerly known as Gold And Silver For Life.

About Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program

Cash Flow Gold & Silver ReviewCash Flow Gold & Silver is an investment training program that allows you to get an income of around 12% to 26.4 % on an annual basis by utilizing three steps in order to generate cash flow from gold and silver. The individual behind the training program is Minesh bhindi, an investment guru who has taught hundreds of thousands of professionals the secrets of investing and trading in real estate, stock market, and precious metals.

He has spent his entire life assisting individuals in increasing their wealth with the help of successful investments. He himself is a long-term investor and he does not opt for wide diversification. He is of a firm opinion that it is better to make bold investments through well-built portfolios. In the year 2002, he purchased Apple stocks and the stocks of Google in 2004. In 2005, he entered the London real estate and he entered the US Stock Market in 2007. Since 2010, he has been successfully investing in gold and silver through his unique strategies and able to make great returns as profits.

The company offers investment advisory for the funds that invest in silver and gold. The company also offers consultation to exclusive high net worth individuals across the globe. The main idea which led to the inception of the Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program is based on the parallel Wealth Management activities of several millionaires. Through such activities, they continue to reach higher levels in life irrespective of what is happening in the financial market and the economy. Therefore, the Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program has become a community of investors with its presence in more than 46 countries across the world with the prospect of offering long-term protective wealth building.

What are the investment objectives of Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program?

The key objectives followed by Cash Flow Gold & Silver with respect to investments are as follows:

  • Preservation of the purchasing power: It deals with the Keynesian economic policy which is designed in order to maintain inflation as the economic status quo since 1971.

  • Collapse-Proof Portfolios: This is because it takes greater effort to create a 100% gain to make up for the 50% loss in your portfolio.

  • Abundant retirement: This is to develop a financial plan which is consistent with the fact that several individuals are living longer right into their retirement years.

Utilizing the above three objectives, Minesh’s company aims to protect your wealth while generating monthly income as well as profits from the ongoing currency collapse by utilizing the gold and silver as assets. It is also comforting to know that the strategy doesn’t make use of margin trading or any other form of leverage.

Why should you invest in assets such as gold and silver?

A majority of individual investors do not prefer investing in gold and silver which is the commodity market. However, there are a number of reasons as to why we need to do the same. A few of the reasons are as follows:

  • The current worth of the dollar is just 3 cents when compared to its worth 44 years ago
  • The devaluation of wealth is at the core of Central Bank monetary policies across the globe
  • During retirement, 3 out of 5 individuals always run out of their money. This is as per a recent study carried out by Ernst and Young
  • The total debt across the globe is around 200 trillion dollars
  • The average lifespan of paper currency is around 38 years. The same for a US dollar is around 44 years and it is not backed by any commodities such as gold and silver. You will be surprised to know that the US dollar was backed with gold till 1971.
  • The actual inflation-adjusted price for gold during 1980 was $10,823.70 per ounce.

As a matter of time, all such distortions will correct themselves. Therefore, commodities are better positioned to benefit from any collapse of currencies in the global market when compared to any other form of investment.

What will you have to pay for Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program?

All you need to get started is a minimum capital of $5,000. The cost of the program is around £9,997 (or $11,000) out of which £2,997 (or $3,300) is utilized for participating in the program. The remainder of the balance of around $8,000 is due only when you start making a profit of at least $150,000!

If you looking forward to earning serious returns on your capital, you can prefer to opt for the Cash Flow Gold & Silver training program. You can even check out the free webinar carried out by Minesh online to get a better idea about the program.

Benefits of joining Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program

  • The company promises to deliver a low risk and long-term yields on your gold and silver investments.

  • The strategy developed by the company requires little to no effort and time; also prior experience in trading and investing not mandatory.

  • The company provides coaching on a weekly basis to keep you updated with the trade.

  • You can start investing from anywhere in the world offering you complete freedom.

  • The option to instantly sell your gold/silver investment anytime with the click of a button and convert into cash.

  • You get two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with the head coach to start implementing the secret strategies.

  • Free lifelong coaching calls every week and is a part of the community which has been active since 2010.

  • 92% success rate for thousands of Investors across the globe.


If you are looking forward to investing in commodities, then the strategy developed by Minesh’s Cash Flow Gold & Silver Program is definitely worth considering. Around 9 out of their 10 clients are extremely happy to meet their goals. The company will also offer you assistance with one of their representatives from the expert team reviewing your performance.

They will offer feedback in case improvisation is needed. Such a commodity buying system is a very good short-term investment for individuals who are looking forward to retiring early. The system is perfect if you are a venture capitalist or a personal investor who wants to take care of the retirement years.

The program is also extremely valuable for individuals who have a decent capital and are looking forward to diversifying their portfolios. It can also be the starting point for individuals who have just started to trade.  

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