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What men really want from women are getting more complex by the hour. Men and their motives & wants are evolving. Due to this, women want to know what men really want. However, contrary to popular belief, sex and attraction are not what men mainly desire.

Yes, sex and attraction are desired by men, but they are superficial desires. Men crave something on the emotional and psychological levels, but these are things that are so often hidden that researchers cannot easily identify them.

A notable ’90s study by evolutionary psychologists found that when you ask people what type of infidelity will upset them, men say a sexually related one more than women, and women an emotional affair more than men. That’s the difference between Mars and Venus right there. However, men actually get hurt more by sexual infidelity because they associate sex with emotions and making their partners feel good. So, it all boils down to emotion.

With the increasing demand for decoding what men really want, more and more books about it have been popping in and out of bookstores. With the huge amount of these books, distinguishing the real ones from the fake ones can be really hard.

That’s where honest reviews come in. They tell customers what exactly they should know about the book, without any bias.

One book that has been making a lot of noise in the genre for women is entitled His Secret Obsession written by Jack Bauer. In order to determine whether this book is worthy to be placed in major bookstores, here’s an honest review of it.

The Author

The first step in seeing if a book good enough is checking whether the author is someone you can trust or not. Doing this will show whether the author of the book actually has the expertise to write about a certain topic. There are many authors who claim to have expertise on certain topics, with some of them becoming bestselling authors, so doing a fact check is important.

Jack Bauer, the author of His Secret Obsession is a dating and relationship coach with many years of experience. He teaches women how to build long-lasting relationships by guiding them through the dating process.

According to Bauer’s website, his main aim is for his clients to be irresistible. His version of being irresistible does not touch the superficial side but focuses on the deeper aspects.

Bauer said that being irresistible involves a special set of qualities that come from feelings of happiness, confidence, and inner beauty. It is the embodiment of what makes a woman really attractive to a man. It’s about creating an irresistible way to get a man’s affection.

What the author claims were all true. Being irresistible to men is not something a woman is born with, rather, it is something that a woman should create and work on. Additionally, what Bauer focuses on is supported by many studies. Superficial irresistibility won’t produce long-lasting results, it’s emotional and psychological irresistibility that makes a man get in it for the long haul.

Now that it’s proven that James Bauer is a trustworthy author, it’s time to see if the book’s content is worth the purchase.

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The Content

The book included two main points that Bauer claimed to help women effectively get or keep a man by her side.

  1. The Major Secret

The book focuses on the hero instinct. The hero instinct is a man’s inner drive to rescue a damsel in distress. Most men do not consciously recognize this desire though. They think that this does not affect them as much as sex and attraction do. However, it is the hero instinct that can actually make men do anything for women. What the book focuses on is actually something validated by many studies. As mentioned earlier, what men really desire goes beyond sex and attraction. What they desire is something deeper. And that’s what the use of the hero instinct taps into.

  1. Using the Secret

After explaining the hero instinct, the book then describes the ways through which women can use it to their advantage. What’s great in this part is that the readers are actually given examples that are based on reality. There are also techniques on how to say the right words in order to awaken a man’s hero instinct. Additionally, there are some testimonials from real people who actually tried these methods and achieved great results.

Based on the information above, the book has excellent content. It is easy to read and does not make its readers do complicated things to win men over. It’s also great that there are studies that can prove the validity of the book’s claims. Not only is the hero instinct scientific-based, but it’s also reality-based as well.


In general, here are the pros of buying the book:

  • Many women claim to be helped by this book.
  • The book is not as expensive as others.
  • The author is an expert in his field. Additionally, the author is a male, who can support his claims based on his experience as a man.
  • The content of the book is based on real-life examples and is supported by scientific studies.
  • The book offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy about it, you just have to email the company within 60 days for a full refund.


  • Some women claim to have purchased a fake copy of the book so if you are eyeing it, make sure you are buying the book from its official website.
  • Some have difficulties applying the contents of the book in real life, so you have to make sure that you’re willing to do what needs to be done before buying this book.

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His Secret Obsession is worthy to be placed on major bookstores and is a must-read for women who have been searching for a partner or trying to keep one. Not only will it reveal to you what men really want, but it will also give you practical tips that will surely brighten up your love life.

his secret obsession book review

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