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Let’s face it – every one of us loves to couch surf and spend time online. What if you got paid to do this?!?

So, in effect, you can earn while you browse online and complete simple tasks. It’s like someone paid you to go on a vacation!

There are numerous ways to make money online. If you are looking for a convenient option to earn some money in your spare time, then you can turn to sites that pay you for watching videos, searching the web, playing games and participating in surveys. However, you need to make sure to team up with legitimate sites in order to be paid in real.

I heard a lot about InboxDollars and decided to sign up with the website to actually test it. InboxDollars is an online platform that pays its members on a cash-only basis instead of points. Unlike other “make money from home” websites, you don’t need to perform any complicated tasks that require special skills. Everything is easy & simple, that you can get on board right from the get-go.

You can go through my in-depth review and then decide whether it is worth your time and effort or not.

InboxDollars – Introduction

InboxDollars is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to make money online from your home. It is a secure & legitimate platform that pays its members in real cash for participating in various activities. The tasks can range from reading emails, finding information on search engines, watching videos, and playing games, to taking part in market research surveys. This legit program also promises incredible rewards on a periodic basis.

Founded by Daren Cotter in 2000, the InboxDollars community has over 10 million members. The platform has earned a solid reputation for its transparent activities, professionalism, and incredible customer service. The company has also earned the prestigious Inc. 5000 award. The company paid out $56 Million to its members to date.

How to Make Money on InboxDollars?

InboxDollars makes it easy for you to earn cash rewards on every completed task online. You can take part in surveys, watch videos, read emails, play games and do a lot more to make some money online. As soon as you register with the platform, your account will be credited with $5 as a joining bonus. You would not be able to cash out this money until you reach the minimum threshold of $30.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you are actually supposed to do over the InboxDollars platform.

  1. Taking Surveys

The surveys offered on the platform are available in two key forms. Some surveys are available to all the members whereas there are certain surveys that can be accessed only by invited members. You need to fill your profile completely before participating in any survey. This will cover basic questions about your life such as members in your household, the region in which you live, your income range, your travel preferences and a lot more. Sharing this information helps the platform to direct you to surveys based on your demographics. The surveys basically cover popular subjects such as travel, fashion, cars, home renovation, insurance, healthcare, politics, sports, and leisure.

Each survey can take up to three to twenty-five minutes. In certain cases, a longer time may be required. You will be paid about $0.5 for completing a five-minute survey. This implies that you can make about $6 every hour participating in surveys.

  1. Watching Videos

Who knew watching video content would prove to be rewarding, right? InboxDollars has tie-up with large companies that require consumers to watch their freshly released videos. This is in order to gain exposure. The videos can be anything from a newly launched product or trailer for an upcoming TV show or movie. The platform releases crudely 30 videos every day. Hence, you have ample opportunities to make money. The length of the videos can be around 2 min each.

The payout framework for watching videos is quite different from participating in surveys. You will be rewarded with a scratch card and each card carries a fixed cash prize. The value varies from $0.05-$0.25 per card.

  1. Reading Emails & Search Engine Usage

The reward system in reading emails is the same as watching videos. You are offered scratch cards for reading promotional emails from companies. You will be rewarded with cash for using InboxDollars’ search engine. You will be offered $0.01 for every four searches that you make. The platform is powered by Yahoo. You will also be offered tickets to daily sweepstakes competition for using the search engine.

  1. Playing Games

InboxDollars has partnered up with small to medium game developers who are planning to make it big in the competitive world of apps. These developers are willing to offer money to people who spend some time testing their games. You can make a small amount for downloading and installing the app on your device. You will be offered additional rewards if you manage to complete certain levels in the game. The company is also partnered with GSN Casino where you can play live casino games to win big money.

  1. Online Shopping

InboxDollars lets you purchase services or goods via many of its partnered companies and you can win promised cashback in return. You would be offered a cashback of 5 percent for every purchase you make with Walmart’s utilizing the InboxDollars link. This can be a beneficial option and you can save money over your online purchases. A penny saved is a penny earned after all.

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How to Get Paid on InboxDollars?

You can request withdrawals after accumulating $30 in your account. You will make a lot of amount by participating in invite-only surveys. The only hindering part about InboxDollars is that you will be charged a transaction fee of about $3 if the amount being withdrawn by you is less than $40.

InboxDollars provides you with the option of accepting payment in the form of an online gift card. If you don’t want to receive your payment this way, then you can head to the dashboard and choose your preferred payment option. You can request a check or withdraw money via a prepaid Visa-e-card. There is no option to withdraw your money via PayPal which is quite disappointing. If you want real money to be credited into your bank account, then it is best to request a check each time you cash out your money.

InboxDollars Processing Period

The duration required to process your funds depends entirely on the status of your account and the payment mode chosen. If you are looking for an e-payment, then you can expect your payment to be processed within 15 days. If you are a Gold Member, then you can expect quick processing time. If you have opted to receive payment in the form of a check, then you will have to wait a little longer. Basically, your processing speed depends on whether you are a Gold member or not. If you are a Gold member, then the processing speed would be quicker than those who are not.

Customer Support Service at InboxDollars

InboxDollars is backed by a responsive customer support service team that can be relied upon. You can look check out exhaustive content from the info library provided for the members. You can also chat with the support team anytime in order to have your queries resolved. The support team is also quite active on popular social media sites so that you can connect to them easily. InboxDollars has over 1 million followers on Facebook.


  • Real cash offered and not points

  • Numerous activities to take part in and not just surveys

  • Convenient payment options

  • Reliable platform

  • Instant $5 joining bonus
  • Complete transparency and flexibility

  • Legit platform with BBB accreditation and an A+ rating

  • Easy navigation over the site

  • A community of 10 million members

  • Impressive social media following


  • Processing fee of $3 is charged if amount cashed out is less than $40

  • Doesn’t allow withdrawals through PayPal

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InboxDollars is quite a reputed platform with a trusted and tried loyalty program. The community rewards its members with real cash instead of points. It has an efficient structure in place for all its activities. You can start earning as soon as you register with the community at your own pace. The activities that you take part in are quite interesting and varied. Also, another good thing is that there is no hidden fee charged. The platform ensures transparency right from the start at all stages for the convenience of its members. Overall, it is a legit site to make some money online during your spare time.

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