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Originally posted on June 11, 2020 @ 1:40 am

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You were always told that investing in stocks is a risky business.

It involved a ton of calculations, reading complex charts and having too much financial information about the way the Stock market works.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s all FALSE.

All that is just bogus information traveling around to keep people from getting into the stock market and making more money. What if I were to tell you that you too can start investing in the American Stock Market no matter where in the world you are and earn a 7% Compounded Annual Growth, PLUS a cool 12% – 26.4% Cash-Flow.

That’s what you get when you take up the Index Income Training Program taught by world-renowned investor and financial advisor Minesh Bhindi.

What is Index Income?

index income taxIf you are looking for ways in which you can grow your money in a sustained and safe way, then you must certainly learn to overcome the challenges prevalent in the 21st century. For this to happen, you need to be equipped with the right information that propels you on the right path. There are many instructors out there who are trying to sell you guaranteed products that teach you how to grow your income steadily. However, not all of them are worth a dime.

Index Income is the latest offering from Minesh Bhindi for those who genuinely want to grow their income over time. This educational course is the third offering from Wealth Strategist Minesh. The first two courses cover investments in Real Estate and Gold & Silver. This third course covers investments in stocks. Minesh has shared his knowledge in the world of investments with clients in over 40 countries. This training income teaches you how to safely invest in stocks and grow your income in a steady manner.

Key Features of the Index Income Training Course

The Index Income training program is a complete educational and advisory course. When you enroll for this course, you will be learning the wealth of information about stock investment in the form of four components.

  • Start Up Steps

This component is of assistance for those who have no prior knowledge of the stock market investments. The course covers all the basic topics in such a manner that even a person with ZERO experience in the stream can understand the basics in a much easier fashion. This component is also great for those people who already have a basic idea of stock market investing and are keen on learning further.

  • Online Learning Center

You can grasp the concepts at your own pace by accessing the online learning center. You can cover the modules anytime as per your convenience.

  • Coaching Calls & Webinars

You can join recorded webinars or live sessions at your convenience. Here you can gain an understanding of current market trends and you also learn to analyze your personal situation. You are also provided guidance on the next steps that you need to take.

  • Recommendations & Regular Advice

Along with premium educational content, you would be offered regular advice on when and where to make an investment in. You will also be recommended when to get out and collect profits or buy-in.

What does Index Income Program Cover?

Index Income has been opted by individuals from over 46 countries. With each course, you would be offered strategy training, mindset training, tech assistance, 1 on 1 coaching calls and a lot more. You will be learning the core principles of stock investing with Minesh. You will also be offered a bulletproof understanding of how markets actually work and how and when you need to invest.

Once you are aware of the basics, you will be taught how to read the charts and learn to draw conclusions within five minutes. Once you know how to analyze charts, you would know what your next move should me. You are then introduced to profit-enhancing principles. Here Minesh shares his experience of a decade in investing money in the stock market.

The best thing about the course is the additional benefits offered. Tech assistance is a great offering to the individuals enrolling in this course. The team will help you set up charts in case you encounter any issues. 1 on 1 coaching is available to anybody who wants a deeper insight into investing money with strategies imparted during the course.

Once you enroll in the Index Income course, you will be allowed to be a part of yearly client reception free of costs. You will be able to meet Minesh and other guest experts from the industry to learn the latest developments in the field. Weekly Q&A sessions are the most valuable part of this course. If you’re a part of the Index Income program, all your queries will be resolved during a weekly Q&A session for life. You will not have to pay any money for this weekly session with investment gurus.

Who can Benefit from Index Income Course?

Index Income is an ideal course for anybody who wants to derive profits from their investments. It is perfect for anybody who wants to become financially independent. You do not have to be an expert in the investment stream to grasp the knowledge in this course. You can be a complete novice and still register for this course. By the end of the program, you would have all the basic knowledge that you need to make the right investment choices. If you want to discover the safest areas for investing your money and desire long-term security as well as growth, then this is the course that you need to enroll in.


  • Step by step instructions for investing in the stock market

  • Easy to follow

  • Helps you analyze the risks of investing

  • Keeps your money safe

  • Introduces you to long term investment strategies

  • Has a continuous learning curve

  • Online learning center

  • Free weekly Q&A session for life


  • You are not free from the inherent risk of stock trading. However, the course does teach you to lower the risk as much as you can.

  • Not ideal for those who are looking for get-rich-quick strategies

index income tax

The Bottom Line:

Index Income is one of the best educational-advisory services that you can ever find in Stock trading. Though it focuses more on long-term investing, it does help you understand the basics really well. It also introduces you to safer ways of investing in the stock market. All you need to do is have sufficient capital that you can afford to put away for an extended period of time.

This course is not for those who fall in the ‘quick profit brigade’. If you are keen on making a quick buck as soon as possible, then this course is not for you. Quick money-making schemes have a major risk factor associated with them and this course does not emphasize such strategies in any manner.

Minesh Bhindi is renowned for his safe strategies. His methods work although they demand you to have patience and wait. If you are looking for a viable way to invest in stocks, then utilize the Index Income Program as much as you can. Take full advantage of the offerings and see the profits rolling in a stable manner.

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