REIT Income Review

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The Real estate sector has for long been considered the safest and the best investment anybody can make. It is certainly not easy as it seems to draw sustained profits from your real estate investments until and unless you utilize certain strategies for your advantage. And then, you may have to deal with the added stress of tenants, mortgages, property management, property value depreciation, litigations, etc.

But what if there was a proven strategy to succeed at real estate? That’s exactly what I am here to tell you!

Here’s a training program that promises you anywhere between 12% – 26.4% Profits per annum from Real estate investing, with a Guaranteed 4% Rental Yield. And you can do this all sitting in your home wherever you are in the world.

The REIT Income educational course is one such incredible offering from Minesh Bhindi, a Wealth Manager who has mastered the game of property investments and shares the abundant information that he has learned all the way with other enthusiasts.

What does the course REIT Income Course has to offer?

If you have been burned in the real estate investment field, then you should take the REIT Income course pretty seriously. It is essential to be equipped with the right information and be cautious while dipping your toe in turbulent waters. Minesh the founder of the training program, claims that his premium course can teach you to draw up to 26 percent per annum profits from your real estate investments. Doesn’t that sound great?

REIT Income is basically an educational course for those who are looking to add to their wealth through real estate investments. This course is all that you need to generate passive income from your investments in a substantial and structured way. Minesh promises that an ROI of 12-26.4 percent per annum can be generated by utilizing the info that he has to offer in his course. His strategies are quite effective, and this may be the reason why the ultra-rich in the world seek his consultation for boosting their profits.

Who is Minesh Bhindi?

When it comes to understanding how to generate real and sustained income from real estate investments, Minesh is truly a master. He has amassed a fortune through his own investments and has also helped a thousand others to build their own real estate investment portfolio. He is a true expert and has vast knowledge in creative financing and in new development projects. The best thing about him is that he offers lifetime support once you enroll for his course. He teaches you how to manage risk in a sensible way while building a stable and structured portfolio.

  • Minesh started real estate negotiations when he was just 15 and successfully executed deals in Canary Wharf area of London

  • He successfully invested in a property value of £1M when he was just 17 and received a £68,000 cash-back.

  • Has the distinction of speaking at an event at O2 Arena along with Richard Branson.

  • Minesh’s programs have a 92% client success rate in 46 countries across the world.

Contents of the Course

You will be first introduced to the concept of Wealth Triangle Philosophy by Minesh once you start taking lessons from him. This concept encourages you to invest in a property through an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) so that you start receiving your dividend. This triggers a cash flow with which you can invest more in the real estate sector. This establishes a chain of stable income. This may sound gibberish to you but it will make sense once you hear it right from the words of the renowned Wealth Strategist.

REIT Income course can be broken down into three components. The course is delivered in an easy format that is enjoyable and the best thing is that you can learn it at your own pace. There is no need to hurry to match the pace of others. This premium educational program has been designed for anyone who is interested in investing and deriving profits from their real estate investments regardless of their educational background. The course is simple that anybody can learn it and use all the vital info contained in it.

Component 1: Master the Fundamentals

The first component covers all the basic information that you must be aware of before making any investments in the real estate sector. You gain an understanding of what is a virtual investment. This course component has 5 modules which impart a wealth of information to those eager to master the basics. You also learn the latest trends in the real estate market segment. You can access this module anywhere from your personal computer, tablet or smartphone provided you have uninterrupted internet access.

Component 2: Handheld Start

This is the most interesting component of the course. Once you are aware of the basics, you get introduced to 5 Advanced Modules. Tech assistance is also offered once you start learning the contents of this component. If you are not that great with tech stuff, Minesh’s team will help you grasp the concepts at your own pace. You can make one-on-one calls with Minesh and his team to gain a deeper understanding. They will help you set up your investments in no time.

Component 3: Lifetime Support

Minesh offers you the reassurance that his course makes you equipped with all that you need to start driving profits from your investments. Once you take up his course, you will always have access to Q&A archives and a lot more from which you can significantly benefit. You also have the right to make weekly calls to him and his team in case you need something to be clarified. You can also be a part of Client Reception Summits organized every year by him free of cost. This is a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and learn more about the developments in the real estate market.

Benefits of taking up REIT Income course

  • REIT Income promises a Guaranteed 4% Rental Income per year, where the properties are managed via Investment Trust

  • You get Diversified Prime Real Estate properties which are in various sectors, states, and industries. Your eggs are never in the same basket!

  • With Minesh’s unique Cash Flow strategy, you can easily generate 12% income per year on your investment.

  • Remote property management so you never have to deal with lawyers, tenants, or brokers and don’t have to visit properties. Everything is done for you through the Investment Trust.

  • The option to immediately convert your properties into Liquidity at the press of a button. There is no need to list out the properties and seek buyers.

Who is the REIT Income course for?

REIT Income is for anyone looking to make reliable and consistent returns for their investments in the real estate stream. You do not have to be an expert in the domain to take up this course. This course is not filled with complicated terminologies. Instead, it makes things simpler so that anybody from any background can get a hold of the information. This course is suitable for anybody regardless of their career background. Anybody from Wall Street traders to homemakers can benefit from this course and start making consistent and real profits.


  • Learn to purchase a property through ETFs thereby eliminating all the traps present in conventional ways of real estate investment

  • Learn safe investment strategies that promise better returns

  • Can take up the course from anywhere in the world provided you have uninterrupted internet access

  • Understand the concept of Wealth Triangle Philosophy

  • Learn to manage a diversified portfolio of your real estate investments

  • Lifetime support to participants

  • Free access to Client Reception summits organized on an annual basis


  • You will have to start with a minimum of $20,000 to begin your investments through ETFs

  • The course may seem expensive but definitely worth it


The REIT Income course is quite impressive. The course has been structured brilliantly and with careful consideration. This educational support program is ideal for anybody looking to make safe investments promising a decent return. If you want to ace your real estate investment game, then you should truly consider enrolling for the REIT Income course. The lifetime support offered is the best feature of this game. This hints of how serious Minesh is about helping others understand the basics and make the most out of his tips.

REIT Income Review

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